Monday, 16 February 2015

How Couples Can Cut Down Wedding Costs

Most couples tend to see the wedding planner Singapore cost as one that is unnecessary. However, that should be the least of their worries. Many other aspects of the wedding are costlier than wedding planning. Couples need to be careful about those areas if they want to have an affordable wedding.

So, how can couples cut down on wedding costs? What decisions should they make in that regard?

Wedding outfits

Wedding outfits are expensive especially those for the bride and groom. While the groom may wear his tuxedo or suit repeatedly, the same cannot be said about the wedding gowns. For that reason, brides should avoid buying a wedding dress.

In order to save money, couples should consider renting wedding outfits instead of purchasing them. Even designer wedding outfits can be obtained for a more affordable price in this manner. Rental outfits are cheaper because they are returnable. The rental stores can the let other people borrow them multiple times to recover their investment. 

Wedding Guests

The most important thing about the wedding day is that it offers a bride and grooms the chance to start a new life together officially. It should not be a day about showing off or pleasing others. For that reason, the wedding guests that the couple invites should be those that love and care for them and their well-being. Mere acquaintances do not qualify as loved ones.

Catering to wedding guests costs money. The more wedding guests a couple has, the larger the venue they will need and the more food they will require to feed them. This in turn raises the wedding costs.
For any couple looking to save money on their wedding, the number of guests bears consideration. Brides and grooms need to prioritize the guest list ruthlessly. The couples should have a definite number in mind, which can be used to eliminate those on the lower end of the totem pole. That way, the costs of catering to the remainder of the guests will reduce.


Where a wedding event is held can affect the wedding costs significantly. Lavish and luxurious wedding venues, which are always in demand, are very costly. Brides and grooms looking to save money need to consider the wedding venue very seriously.

Couples need to consider destination weddings. Alternative wedding destinations, in lower cost areas are a good option for frugal brides and grooms. They enable couples to limit wedding guest numbers effectively, take advantage of combined wedding packages and lower overall costs. This in turn will help cut down on wedding costs significantly. 

Wedding planners

Contrary to what some people think, hiring instead of dismissing wedding planning services will help save money in the end.

If couples decide to plan their own wedding, they will have possibly to take time off from work and a pay cut to boot. Couples will also have to use plenty of fuel moving from one wedding vendor to another to find the right one for their needs. To make matters even worse, the couple will not be privy to inside information on the most affordable and reliable wedding vendors available in the wedding industry. 

On the other hand, the best wedding planner Singapore has to offer will do most of the groundwork. This will free up the bride and groom to continue working. A wedding planner is also in a better position to find the best wedding suppliers and bargain for better prices for the product offered. In the end, hiring a wedding planner will provide huge returns for couples planning to marry.



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