Monday, 13 April 2015

Create everlasting wedding memories

Two people decide to hold hands and walk towards the path of marital bliss. It’s one big decision of life when two individuals, from different background decide to spend their lives together. This also brings connects two families in a new bond.  And occasions like these need to be planned in a grand way by ringing in all sorts of celebration and festivity. When it is Singapore get ready to host the best wedding.

Leave the planning to the planner 

Gone are those days when engaged couples and their families sat together deciding on the card design, venue and guest list. Now the charge is handed over to wedding planner Singapore. These experts take over all the burden right from the theme, design, guests and menu. Even the food, drinks and refreshments are decided by them.
The families can now sit back and relax. Just given the wedding planners the input and requirements, all the others things will be handled in most professional manner. Wedding planner Singapore cost is not something that will pinch.

Planners start by first Conceptualisation and design plan 

Post interaction with families and couples the planners get on to the task of laying out a plan and design of the venue. It’s not just about coming out with something attractive but also it should be rooted in aesthetical essence too. To make weddings an affair to remember these planners work in tandem with the families and couples requirement. Each wedding is unique affair with a distinct style, feel and theme as well as preferences. The final print has match the desired wedding dreams especially if it’s wedding planners Singapore.

Co-ordination with all departments 

Post approval of the plan, best planners assign tasks to the team and their departments. Like the food and beverage section, attending guests, music, decoration, lighting and sound. Everything has to work smoothly on the day of the event. A rehearsal is done prior to the wedding to see if there is any loophole or any shortage of items. Food is tasted to ensure it is of the best quality and will please the guests’ preference. If the need be special chefs are hired from abroad in case the budget permits.

On the event day 

All the planning is put to test on the actual day of the wedding. The way guests are welcomed, looked after and entertained. Food and drinks served with appetising starrers and main courses laid out in the best way. The decoration of the venue to the stage setting where the couples will exchange vows is the most critical thing. A planner sees to it that the entire event moves in by smoothly without any hitches.

Keep cost in mind 

Everyone dreams of lavish wedding planned by wedding planners. But keep wedding planner Singapore cost in consideration. See to it that the spending does not go over budget or ends up being a cheap affair by cutting costs.  Discuss the cost aspect with the planners before going ahead with the idea of having an event planning agency to handle the affair.

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  1. Yeah you really said very well that those were the gone days when engaged couples and families decided everything with their choice and spent a lot of time on everything. Now expert event planning teams are there, which take over all of the burden of planning everything.